Our works

Organising meetings – twice a year – Annual Meetings are generally organised in autumn and Spring sessions in 2Q. Topics are identified based on members’ feedback and agreed by the Steering Committee. Training seminars or other topical meetings are organised based on needs

Conducting and supporting cooperative audits Cooperative audits in the period of 2020-2024: Plastic waste (led by SAI of Poland) completed in April 2022.

Promoting, using and developing e-learning tools: Massive Open Online Courses & webinars in cooperation with stakeholders – project lead by National Audit Office of Estonia. Online courses, free of charge and self-paced, developed under the auspices of INTOSAI WGEA & SAI Estonia in close collaboration with various supreme audit institutions as well as the University of Tartu. EWGEA MS SAIs have contributed to the training materials with their audit cases. The MOOC on Auditing Waste Management earned an honourable recognition by receiving an e-course quality label from the Estonian Quality Agency for Higher and Vocational Education that acknowledged the excellent results in the application of digital technology in the learning process. Registration is open: Linki Auditing sustainability of infrastructure (16 September 2024-01 December 2024) Auditing waste management (04 November 2024-01 December 2024)  

Publishing EUROSAI WGEA Newsletter with current information on completed and ongoing activities of SAIs, including those resulting from the Strategic Plan

Distributing information the EUROSAI WGEA webpage and via other online media tools

Cooperation within INTOSAI – EWGEA participates actively as a region in the framework of INTOSAI WGEA. Sharing information and reporting at the meetings of INTOSAI WGEA, maintaining contacts with other regional working groups on environmental auditing.

Cooperation with external stakeholders for meetings and seminars we invite experts from relevant institutions to EUROSAI WGEA events, also consult experts during cooperative audits, popularize public sector environmental audits and EUROSAI WGEA works

Carrying out other cooperative projects EWGEA Member SAIs have started participating in Global Cooperative Audit of Climate Change Adaptation Actions (CCAA) initiated by INTOSAI Development Initiative and INTOSAI WGEA. EWGEA strongly supports works of Climate Project lead by National Audit Office of UK and ECA.