Training Seminar on Sustainable Energy

In conjunction with the 8th EUROSAI WGEA meeting, Texel, the Netherlands, 2010, a one-day seminar on auditing sustainable energy was arranged.

The seminar was based on the INTOSAI WGEA Guidance “Auditing sustainable energy” and its aim was to help to understand this issue and identify a suitable audit approach.

The seminar was conducted by experienced auditors from the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic and selected experts from member SAIs of the EUROSAI WGEA. Furthermore, the program of the seminar also contained practical exercises and case studies of sustainable energy audits already carried out.

The following issues were covered in the training seminar:

  • understanding the sustainable energy issue;
  • choosing and designing audits on sustainable energy;
  • audits in the field of sustainable energy – case studies.


Auditing Forests

Auditing Sustainable Energy: Guidance for Supreme Audit Institutions

Presentations​ ​ ​
​SAI of Czech Republic Ms Jana Vašíčková​IntroductionView presentation
​SAI of Czech Republic Ms Regina Charyparová​Basic information on sustainable energy issuesView presentation
​SAI of Czech Republic​Mr Michal Rampír​Governmental response to the sustainable energy issue​View presentation
​SAI of Czech Republic Jana Zahradníčková​Approach to choosing audit topic and design the audit/audit questions​View presentation
​​SAI of Czech RepublicMs Regina Charyparová​Audit execution and reporting​View presentation
​​SAI of Czech RepublicMs Jana VašíčkováAudit no 08/38 – Financial means allotted to support programmes for energy production from renewable energy resources​View presentation
​SAI of Czech RepublicJana Zahradníčková​Audit no 10/31 – Auditing GIS in the Czech Republic​View presentation
​SAI of Estonia Ms Airi Andresson​EU emission trading system and its effects on Estonian energy sector​View presentation
​SAI of Estonia Ms Kaire Kuldpere​Auditing district heating systems​View presentation
​SAI of Belgium Mr Rik Verlinde​The contribution of joint venture agreements between the Flemish government and municipalities to sustainable energy policy – methodological issues​View presentation
SAI of Czech RepublicMs Jana Vašíčková​Wrap up and conclusion​View presentation