Spring Session on Waste management

The Spring Session 2021 of EUROSAI WGEA was held online on 26-27 April 2021.


Topic of the meeting was Waste management.

Meeting Agenda

Presentations from the meeting:

26 April 2021:
Ms Silvija Aile, European CommissionKey EU policy developments in waste managementView presentation
Ms Joanna Kulczycka, AGH University of Science and TechnologyCircular Economy in Poland – application of waste hierarchy in different sectorsView presentation
Mr Marek Wójcik, Association of Polish CitiesWaste management – experiences of the Polish local governmentView presentation
Mr Leszek Wieciech, UN Global Compact Network PolandUN Global Compact Network Poland Counteracting shadow economy in waste management in PolandView presentation
Ms Katarzyna Marzantowicz, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management The pillar of the system of financing environmental protection in Poland.View presentation
Ms Katy Losse,  SAI UKDevelopment of position statement on the unique role of SAIs for environment and climate changeView presentation
27 April 2021:
Ms Daphne Vanrysselberghe, SAI BelgiumE-waste management  in Flanders View presentation
Mr Ernesto Roessing, ECAPreparing a review on e-waste in the EU View presentation
Mr Marian Koren, SAI Slovakia Problems of plastic waste managementView presentation
Mr Nikola Stefanovic, SAI SerbiaPlastic waste managementView presentation
Ms Rodianne Spiteri,SAI Malta The effectiveness of plastic waste management in MaltaView presentation
Ms Maria Eulalia Reverte I Casas, ECACombating Food Waste: an opportunity for the EU to improve the resource-efficiency of the food supply chain View presentation
Ms Hilde Dewicke, SAI BelgiumHow Flanders combat food waste and food lossView presentation
Ms Viire Viss, SAI EstoniaRecycling of bio-waste as part of the municipal wasteView presentation
Mr Alar Jurgenson, SAI EstoniaWaste recovery activities on landfillsView presentation
Mr Vladimir Matus, SAI Slovakia Effectiveness and efficiency of inspection services on waste landfillsView presentation
Ms Vivi Niemenmaa, INTOSAI WGEAActivities of INTOSAI WGEA on wasteView presentation
Mr Gyula Pulay, SAI HungaryWaste management as a public service – Does it really work?View presentation
Ms Silvija Dorotic, SAI CroatiaMunicipal waste managementView presentation
Mr Benjamin Groll & Mr Kamil Fleissner,SAI CzechWaste managementView presentation
Mr. Andrea Giordano, SAI ItalyWaste Traceability System and Fund for Promoting the Waste Reduction and for the Development of New Recycling TechnologiesView presentation
Ms Liliya Prudyvus, SAI UkraineInternational Coordinated Audit on Waste Management and UtilizationView presentation