Seminar on Auditing Water Management 

The seminar was held in Oslo, 23-24 April 2013, covering water management models and water protection measures.

The first day of the seminar was dedicated to keynote speeches and parallel workshop sessions, with a final plenary panel discussion. The second day of the seminar involver speed-dating between SAIs and group and plenary discussions.

Agenda l Report

Seminar on Water Management

​Seminar participants

Keynote speeches​ ​ ​
​ISDRI, Science Po, Paris Dr Sébastien Treyer​Which economic model for a water-efficient Europe?​View presentation
European Environmental Bureau​Ms Martina Mlinaric​Challenges to sustainable water management – cross-sectorial water issues, ecological aspects​​View presentation
​US GAO Mr Steven L. Elstein​Auditing water issues: an examination of SAIs’ experiences and the methodological tools they have successfully used​​View presentation
SAI presentations on auditing water management models
​NAO of Estonia Ms Viire Viss​Auditing performance and sustainability of water infrastructures in Estonia​​View presentation
​Court of Audit of Slovenia Ms Jerneja Vrabic​Deciding on the use of water​​View presentation
​NAO of Lithuania Ms Vaida Bariziene​Organizing and pricing of water supply​​View presentation
​SAO of Czech Republic Ms Eva Reková and Lukas Topinka​Experiences of SAO in auditing water management​​View presentation
​SAO of Poland Ms Alicja Gruszecka​Water management in Poland with special regard to the flood protection​​View presentation
​Court of Audit, France Mr Philippe Dedryver​The audit of the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments – ONEMA​​View presentation
SAI presentations on auditing water protection measures
NAO of Malta Mr William Peplow​Safeguarding Malta’s GroundwaterView presentation
European Court of Auditors​Ms Els Brems​Integration of the EU Water Policy Objectives into the CAP​View presentation
​SAO of Denmark Ms Lea Joenson Farø​National measures taken to protect the ground water in Denmark against pesticides leaching and the Preparation of River Basin Management PlansView presentation
EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​Ms Herdis Laupsa​The EUROSAI WGEA cooperative audit on adaptation to climate change – focus on water issuesView presentation
The Netherlands Court of Audit​Ms Louise van Loon and Mr Henk van der Geest​Water audits in the NetherlandsView presentation
​NAO of Bulgaria Ms Rossena Gadjeva​Audit on the adaptation measures undertaken by the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria in relation to climate changeView presentation