Eurosai WGEA Spring Session 2023 on Climate Change Adaptation Efforts

The Eurosai WGEA Spring Session 2023 was held in hybrid formula on 25-26 May 2023 in Warsaw and on-line.
The topic of the meeting was “Climate Change: Progress Made in Adaptation Efforts”.


Spring Session 2023 on Climate Change Adaptation Efforts.
 SpeakerTitle of presentation
1Prof Maciej Zalewski, European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology under the auspices of UNESCOThe Nature Based Solutions and prototypes that have been implemented in the city of Łódź, as adaptations to climate change, and the general concept of the City as a Blue-Green Network, as well as solutions mitigating Toxic Algal Blooms in reservoirs and lakes
2Mrs. Elena Višnar Malinovská, European Commission DG CLIMAAdaptation in the Climate Policies
3Mr. Mariusz Pomienski and Ms. Joanna Kokot, European Court of AuditorsECA audit work (completed and on-going) in the field of climate adaptation – key findings from the ECA audits on Floods Directive and on EU action to combat desertification
4Mr. Wouter Vanneuville and Ms. Angelika Tamasova, European Environment AgencyAssessment work based on the climate change adaptation reporting made by EU Member States under the Governance Regulation on the Energy Union and climate action
5Ms. Maria Azzopardi , SAI MaltaClimate Change Adaptation: Are we still in time? A case study from Malta
6Ms. Lejla Marinko, SAI SloveniaEfficiency of adaptation efforts in agricultural sector in Slovenia
7Ms. Maria Bohm and Ms. Mia Bivered, SAI SwedenAn audit on climate adaptation of the built environment
8Ms. Detelina Hadjieva and Ms. Eva Galabinova, SAI BulgariaAdaptation to Climate Change: Policies Development and the Bulgarian National Audit Office Contribution
9Ms. Isabelle Vincent and Mr. Erwan RigaudSAI FranceAdaptation to climate change of the French nuclear fleet
10Ms. Edyta Kosiarz, SAI PolandPreparation and implementation of the “Program for the coal mining sector in Poland”
11Mr. Michal Rampír and Mr. Benjamín Groll , SAI Czech RepublicFunds earmarked for measures for the protection and care of nature and landscape
12Ms. Emmy Bergsma, SAI NetherlandsImplementation of the EU Floods Directive in the Netherlands and an integrated approach to water safety
13Ms. Vivi Niemenmaa and Ms. Kati Hirvonen, INTOSAI WGEAA global collaborative audit on climate change adaptation actions
14Mr. Fernando Simões , SAI BrazilClimateScanner initiative