Energy Policy and Climate Change

Seminar organised by The EUROSAI Chairman and President of the Bundesrechnungshof, Prof. Dr. Dieter Engels in cooperation with Mr Jacek Jezierski, the President of the Supreme Chamber of Control of Poland and the Co-ordinator of the EUROSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing, held at the European Academy of Law in Trier (Germany) 11-12 March 2008.

The representatives of 26 European SAIs took part in the event.

The aim of the seminar was to look from both energy demand and supply sides, at existing measures adopted in order to combat the effects of climate change, especially in areas such as renewable electricity, biofuels, energy efficiency and energy saving. It were also analysed and discussed mitigation measures, such as emission trading schemes and incentive measures, such as taxation. Future priorities in this field in both a European, and a wider context within the framework of the post-Kyoto discussion were also addressed.

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