8th Annual Meeting 

The 2010 annual meeting was held on the island of Texel in the Netherlands, 5-7 October.

The main topics of the meeting were related to sustainable energy and impact of environmental audits. Access the relevant speeches and presentations below.

Programme Report

Participants of the 8th Annual Meeting

​Participants of the 8th Annual Meeting

​ Sustainable energy​ ​
​International Energy Agency Dr Lisa Ryan​Auditing to ensure sustainable energy policy​View presentation
​Natuur en Milieu Mr Ron Wit​Renewable energy in the Netherlands and the EU – Ambitions vs reality​View presentation
​SAI of Czech Republic Ms Regina Charyparová​Introduction to the INTOSAI WGEA Guide on Sustainable EnergyView presentation
​SAI of the Netherlands Mr Marcoen Roelofs​Saving Energy in the Netherlands – Ambitions and results
​SAI of Malta Mr William Peplow​Renewable energy and energy efficiency in Malta​View presentation
​SAI of the United Kingdom Mr Richard Gauld​Possible sustainable energy audit topics and challenges for audit institutions​View presentation
Impact of environmental audits​ ​ ​
UNEP Dr Arnold Kreilhuber​​Auditing International Environmental Agreements
​SAI of the United Kingdom Mr Richard Gauld​Potential impacts of environmental audits​View presentation
​SAI of Sweden Ms Madeleine Nyman​The impact of audit on Sweden’s emission rights is a success – how and why?View presentation
​SAI of Slovenia Ms Jerneja Vrabič​Impacts of the waste management auditView presentation
​SAI of Russia Mr Denis Sidorenko​The Impact of the environmental audits of the Accounts chamber of the Russian Federation conducted in 2008 – 2009​View presentation
EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​How to increase the impact and relevance of environmental audits on international level? Results from a survey among Nordic and Baltic SAIsView presentation
Progress reports from the EUROSAI WGEA secretariat ​ ​
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​EUROSAI WGEA Progress Report​View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​EUROSAI WGEA website​​View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​External expertise in environmental audits​​View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​Paper on Auditing Waste Management in Europe
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​Highlights of planned activities
​ European cooperative audits​ ​
​SAI of the Netherlands Mr Edward Elferin​NCA Proposal: Enforcement of EU Waste Shipment LegislationView presentation
​SAI of Norway Ms Kristin Rypdal​A proposal for a cooperative emission trading audit
​SAI of Ukraine Ms Maria Shulezhko​Black Sea Coordinated Audit​View presentation
​EUROSAI WGEA secretariat​Coordinated Audit on Adaption to Climate ChangeView presentation
INTOSAI WGEA presentations​ ​ ​
​INTOSAI WGEA secretariat Ms Margit Lassi​Reporting on the INTOSAI WGEA activitiesView presentation
​ARABOSAI Ms Dalia El Bahbity​Experiences of Egyptian central Auditing Organization in Environmental Auditing on Sustainable EnergyView presentation
​AFROSAI Mr Robert Cheyo​The need for Cooperative and coordinated environmental audit in East African region on the lake Victoria basinView presentation
​SAI of Ukraine Ms Maria Shulezko​Activities and plans of the EUROSAI Task Force on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes in Europe​View presentation