The 15th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting was held in Tirana, Albania from 18 to 20 October 2017.

The main topics for the annual meeting were Auditing Land Use and Development and Greening the SAIs.

Meeting programme (10.10.2017) | Practical information

Report from the 15th Annual Meeting (NEW!)

A training seminar on Data and Analysis in Environmental Audit was held one day prior to the Annual Meeting, on 17 October 2017. Read more about it here.

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Group photo from the 15th Annual Meeting Tirana, Albania

Auditing Land Use and Development
European Environment Agency Mr Stefan JensenLand use in transition and resulting policiesView presentation
European Court of Auditors Mr Olivier PrigentLand use change and climate changeView presentation
SAI Slovenia Ms Leijla MarinkoThe effectiveness of the protection of agricultural land as a pre-condition for self-sufficiencyView presentation
SAI China (ASOSAI WGEA) Mr Ding ZhiCNAO’s audits of land transfer paymentsView presentation
SAI Czech Republic Ms Jana PechovaFunds provided for the improvement of nature and the landscapeView presentation
SAI Cyprus Mr Akis KikasPressures from quarrying activities on the environmentView presentation
SAI Malta Mr William PeplowEnforcement action within the Outside Development ZoneView presentation
SAI Czech Republic Mr Michal RampirInformation about the INTOSAI WGEA project plan ‘Greening Cities – Sustainable Urban Development’View presentation
Parallel Session: Urban Land Use
European Court of Aditors Ms Vivi NiemenmaaEnvironmental aspects of urban sprawlView presentation
SAI Kuwait (ARABOSAI WGEA) Ms Fajer Alotajbi, Ms Rania Alojari, Mr Adel AlkootEnvironmental auditing on residential landView presentation
Parallel Session: Rural Land Use
European Court of Auditors Mr Olivier PrigentBiofules and land use changeView presentation
SAI Albania Ms Eva Leka, Mr Dorrel BalliuPreservation of Prespa Lake EcosystemView presentation
Parallel Session: Infrastructure Development
SAI Estonia Ms Airi AndressonEnvironmental impacts of infrastructure development, example of Rail BalticView presentation
SAI Albania Mr Aulent Guri, Mr Gjovalin PreciThe situation and challenges of renewable energy resources in AlbaniaView presentation
Greening the SAIs
iCED Mr Sunil DadheGreening the SAIs – the INTOSAI WGEA projectView presentation
European Court of Auditors Ms Jerneja VrabicECA’s green achievementsView presentation
SAI Slovenia Mr Miroslav KranjcGreening the SAI of SloveniaView presentation
SAI China (ASOSAI WGEA) Mr Pan ShugongCNAO’s practices in greening the SAIView presentation
SAI Estonia Ms Viire VissOverview of the new INTOSAI WGEA project ‘Greening the SAIs’View presentation
Business Meeting
SAI Estonia (EUROSAI WGEA) Ms Tuuli RassoEUROSAI WGEA UpdatesView presentation
SAI the Netherlands Ms Sadaf QutbyarCooperative audit on air qualityView presentation
SAI Malta Mr William PeplowCooperative audit on marine protected areasView presentation
SAI Latvia Mr Janis SalenieksCooperative audit on energy efficiencyView presentation
SAI Estonia (EUROSAI WGEA) Ms Krislin KiviMOOC on Auditing Water IssuesView presentation
SAI Ukraine (EUROSAI WGADC) Ms Inga KramarenkoUpdates on the activities of EUROSAI WGADCView presentation
SAI Indonesia (INTOSAI WGEA) Mr Didik ArdiastantoUpdates on the activities of INTOSAI WGEAView presentation

Posters from the Information Sharing Market:

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