INTOSAI Development Initiative Workshop on climate change – context, collaborators and capacity considerations for SAIs

IDI’s Global Foundations Unit organized a 3-day workshop on Strategic Response to Climate Change for SAIs on 23 – 25 January 2024 in Rovaniemi.

During the workshop representatives of IDI, SAI Finland and of World Bank raised awareness of why it’s important for SAIs to focus on the climate change area, of possibilities how to apply for support to audit funds for adaptation and mitigation to climate change as well as on the SAIs’ key role in assessing the effectiveness of the national climate action and ensuring value of donor money. Important issues were linkages between climate change and international interventions, critical aspects under the existing regimes, including effectiveness and volume of climate finance and impact on national legislation and policies. During practical part participants discussed approaches SAIs could take towards climate change issues and were enabled to identify the channels and opportunities present in-countries through ongoing development programmes and international partners and  practiced brief analysis of their country’s contexts and mapping.

The agenda and more information