EUROSAI project group on climate change

Re start of the EUROSAI project group on climate change took place online on the 8th February 2024. The group is open to any interested EUROSAI WGEA members and observers, and we hope it will be a valuable and engaging way to keep in touch on this important topic. This project group is co-chaired by the UK NAO and the European Court of Auditors, and is jointly sponsored by the emerging issues portfolio and the working group on environmental audit within EUROSAI. Its purpose is to provide a regular and informal opportunity for SAIs to discuss emerging issues for governments’ approaches to climate change, with the aim of helping to build our collective understanding of potential risks as well as emerging good practice. Plans are to arrange around three sessions of the group each year, during which external guest(s) will provide a short presentation on a topic likely to be of interest to SAIs across Europe, after which we will break into small online groups to discuss the topic in more detail. The first session focused on Public Engagement on Climate Change, with presentations and discussions from the UN Environment Programme, and Climate Outreach, a climate communications organisation that works with clients and partners around the world.