Work Plans

SAI organisations

The EUROSAI WGEA strategic plans set out the WGEA’s vision and goals, including the proposed activities for its Secretariat. The WGEA strategic plans are reviewed and revised every three years, and annually updated and approved at the EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting.

EUROSAI WGEA Strategic Plan for 2020-2024

The  Strategic  Plan of  the WGEA  for  the period 2020-2024,  approved transitorily by Governing Board EUROSAI, until the next XI Congress.

EUROSAI WGEA Strategic Plan for 2017-2020 

The current Strategic Plan enters into force at the 15th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting in Albania in October 2017.

2015-2017 EUROSAI WGEA Strategy and Activity Plan
The  Strategy and Activity Plan for 2015-2017 was adopted at the 12th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting in Lithuania in October 2014.

2012-2014 Strategy and Activity Plan
The EUROSAI WGEA 2012-2014 Strategy and Activity plan was adopted at the 9th EUROSAI WGEA meeting in Sweden in October 2011.

2008-2011 Work Plan
The EUROSAI WGEA work plan for 2008-2011 was adopted at the 7th EUROSAI WGEA meeting in Ukraine 2008. The plan was revised and approved at the WGEA’s annual meetings in 2009 and 2010.