SAI Organisations


EUROSAI is an independent, non-political organisation established to promote co-operation and foster exchange of ideas, experiences and techniques among Supreme Audit Institutions on government auditing. For further information see the EUROSAI website.



INTOSAI operates as an umbrella organisation for the external government audit community. INTOSAI was founded in 1953 at the initiative of Emilio Fernandez Camus, then President of the SAI of Cuba. At that time, 34 SAIs met for the 1st INTOSAI Congress in Cuba. At present INTOSAI has 188 Full Members and 2 Associated Members. For further information see the INTOSAI website.


The INTOSAI Governing Board has recognized seven Regional Working Groups which promote INTOSAI’s goals regionally. INTOSAI Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA) aims to improve the use of audit mandate and audit instruments in the field of environmental protection policies.

There are regional working groups on environmental auditing in six of the seven INTOSAI regions.