Copernicus Thematic Workshop on Compliance Assurance

Workshop online on the use of Earth Observation to support Compliance Assurance organized by the Knowledge Center on Earth Observation (KCEO) in collaboration with DG DEFIS covering three distinct objectives, each corresponding to a specific segment of the workshop:

  1. User needs: Analyze and underscore the role of Earth Observation in compliance assurance within both the EU and the broader international policy landscape. This includes a comprehensive examination of the policy context, key regulations and policy areas, and the relevance of EO to both the public and private sectors.
  2. Current products and services: Review the existing challenges and opportunities related to compliance assurance within the Copernicus framework. This involves evaluating current products and services, ongoing research activities, and identifying any knowledge gaps.
  3. Future developments: Identify emerging needs and requirements that will contribute to shaping the future and potential development of Copernicus and EU research activities